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Das verrückteste Drift-Team der Schweiz

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We are the Drift Bastards, the mighty DriftBastards

«The probably craziest drift team from Switzerland! (Absolutely!)»

Renato, Alexander, Michi, and the brothers Janick and Domenik already knew each other from numerous tuning gatherings that quickly became too dull for them. The tuning and show car scene wasn't quite what the guys were looking for. However, there was a new form of motorsport that suited these five enthusiasts better: drifting. This style of vehicle control had been around for almost 20 years and was precisely what the three from Lucerne and the two from Eastern Switzerland had been searching for.

Every event was tracked online, and the excitement steadily grew. After completing their education, they were finally able to acquire some rear-wheel-drive vehicles, and the story began.

The Beginning
Somewhere in France

Here, for the first time, the five Swiss enthusiasts gathered on a small race track, all for the love of drifting. It was uncharted territory for these would-be James Deans who were otherwise familiar with dark and snowy roads. On a wet track, they made their initial attempts to consistently slide their cars around the corners. And you can be assured, the guys were quickly hooked.

Die Gründung

Following successful appearances at racetracks such as Anneau du Rhin, Bourbonnaise, Hockenheimring, and the renowned Seelisberg Event Center, the official formation of the Chaotic Drifters took place.

Low-slung cars, the allure of drift culture, and daring driving maneuvers brought the Swiss even closer together. Magnificent victories at the SwissDriftmasters, driftnfun.ch, and the Drift.de Drift Series were celebrated in the years 2015, 2016, and 2017.

In 2018, the Bastards reaffirmed their unity with identical paintwork and decals on their cars. Renato contributed the chrome-look lettering and a design. His girlfriend may not have been too thrilled about a plotter in the living room, but she had to endure it. Sometimes, you have to do what you have to do!

More trophies, 10-15 drift events per season, and new drift machines followed. The Swiss were feared and determined in Central Europe.

The story of the Bastards rolled on relentlessly, until...

Die Aufrüstung

This hit the drift scene and many others hard! Participation in championship races like Driftseries.de became rare or even impossible, and in 2021, only five events were possible. Despite the pandemic and economic crisis, the Bastards continued to diligently work on and improve their cars. With great passion, they carried out all modifications to the cars themselves. Only for more complex tasks like engine tuning and electronics did they seek external assistance.

Die ersten Sponsoren

While the Bastards were still restricted, they refused to be denied their passion for drifting. They used the time to reach out to new sponsors and embarked on a completely new livery design for the drift cars to properly represent their sponsors.

The absolute highlight was the repeated participation in the Tuning World Bodensee, where the drift pilots could showcase their skills to thousands of visitors. Additionally, some events in Switzerland became possible again. The fan community was growing.


In 2023, the Bastards finally started participating in events more frequently. In collaboration with many friends and their original supporter, westschweizcustoms.chthe first online shop of the DriftBastards was launched. Shirts, caps, and other fan merchandise were passionately and wholeheartedly produced by the Bastards themselves or distributed at events in collaboration with selected partners.

The Drift Lifestyle
Geht weiter

Today, the DriftBastards are a successful drift team completely devoted to the drift virus, and the hobby has turned into a lifestyle that will accompany them for a long time.



Team in Action: The Best Moments and Team Photos


At the heart of our team are individuals driven by a shared passion for motorsport and the exhilarating thrill of drifting. Each of our drivers adds a unique touch to the track.
Together the Bastards stand for Skill, Precision and a fearless approach.

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