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Domenik Sieber
The Initiator
and content creator

Unless someone has been living under a rock, they would undoubtedly know this gentleman. He is a true legend in Swiss circles, known for crafting incredibly humorous Facebook posts, sales ads, and race reports. He has been a part of the motorsport scene for quite some time.

The power of a Subaru Impreza.

It all started with his Subaru Impreza, which didn't quite fit the Swiss stereotype. Low, no mandatory rally attachments, no rear spoiler. That was an absolute NO-GO in the Subi scene, and the Eastern Swiss quickly became a topic of conversation in the small country. Likewise, the driving maneuvers were not quite in the sense of the Swiss.

Vice champion

With a far too one-sided tuning scene in Switzerland, eyes were kept open for some variety. One day, Domi, a certain Renato Müller, and Alexander Meyer crossed paths at a tuning meet. This sparked the interest, and shortly thereafter, a Nissan 350z was acquired. Drifting finally became within reach.

The 350z remains Domenik's favorite car to this day, and together, they have won numerous trophies at drifting events. The highlight was when they earned the title of Vice-Champions at the Swiss Driftmasters competition. The car remained so incredibly stock that other drifters couldn't quite understand how something like that could work. With a completely factory drivetrain, the Nissan consistently outperformed the competition.

I would say talent over horsepower!

Motorsports and custom-parts

Together with his brother Janick, they tirelessly work on new drift racing cars. In 2018, his RPS13 with an RB25 engine was completed, opening up many new racing opportunities. The Nissan 6-cylinder might not be the cheapest engine choice for a drift car, but the sound of the 1.6 Bar turbo roar combined with numerous clutch kicks makes you quickly forget about that. The next project has already been tackled, and when he’s not selling a set of rims on Facebook Marketplace, he’s drifting.

As a filmmaker, host, director, and cameraman of our YouTube channel, he contributes interesting behind-the-scenes perspectives.

DriftBastard from the very beginning

Domenik is a DriftBastard from the very beginning and always up for a 360 on the racetrack, even if it's not actually allowed. 🔥

Nissan 350z


  • Engine

    3,5lt. VQ35, 280hp
    Mishimoto Water and Oil Cooler
    Motul 300V

  • Suspension

    Silvers Neomax coilover kit
    PartsShopMax Steering Angle Kit

  • Wheels

    Cosmis Felgen
    Zestino Acrova07 Wheels

  • Drivetrain

    R33 Transmission with GTR Internals
    CompetitionClutch Dual-Disc Clutch
    R33 Differential and Driveshafts

  • Interieur

    Sparco Racing Seats
    JDM Floor Mats
    Griproyal Custom Steering Wheel

  • Exterieur

    Fiberglass Body Kit
    Carbon Fiber Front and Rear Fenders
    Selfmade Ducktail Rear Spoiler


Nissan S13

  • Engine

    Nissan RB25DET
    2,5lt. 6-Zyl., +500HP
    Spool Schmiede Pistons and Connecting Rods
    BorgWarner EFR 7361 Turbocharger
    6Boost Promod Exhaust Manifold
    3" Custom Exhaust System
    Helftec ECU and Wiring Harness
    Motul 10W60

  • Suspension

    Silvers Neomax coilover kit
    Driftworks Geomaster Suspension Components
    EBC Brake Discs and Pads all around

  • Wheels

    Cosmis Wheels
    Zestino Acrova07 wheels in 255/45R18

  • Drivetrain

    R33 Transmission with GTR Internals
    CompetitionClutch Dual-Disc Clutch
    R33 Differential and Driveshafts

  • Interieur

    6-Punk Cusco Käffig
    Sparco Schalensitze.
    Driftshop 6-Punkt Gurte

  • Exterieur

    BN Style Bodykit
    70mm Overfenders
    Red Paint with DriftBastards Decals

About Me

Drifts, Cars, History, and my passion for drifting and everything it entails 🏁

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