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Alexander Meyer
Deep, Deeper, Alex
It couldn't be closer

Alex and Renato had been colleagues for a long time and came from the same area in Lucerne. Hondas were his first love, and his Civic SiR was the icing on the cake in Swiss Honda culture. With roots from Canada, Alex is a skilled mechanic and has always been good with vehicles. When Renato sold his then street car (a Nissan 200sx S14) to Alex, he could also start drifting.


it's all about Experience

He is probably one of the most active drivers on the team and has already participated in numerous races and events. From events in Switzerland, to Germany, to France, Alex has been able to gain a lot of experience since 2013.

The car was spruced up after each season's end, and defective parts were replaced with better ones.

The perfekt S14

Alex has remained loyal to his car to this day. Not much has remained of the original S14 along the way.

Alex completely rebuilt the standard SR20 engine with a 2.2 stroker kit, the transmission was replaced with a NASCAR dog box, and now he has over 500HP at the throttle. Alex places great importance on a good stance for his cars, which is why the Nissan has hardly any ground clearance!

are required

Even if the car sparks at every little pebble, the suspension is set for maximum attack, surprising many an opponent.

to black

It took some time and a covert operation by his friends to convince him of the deep black look. But together with the new DriftBastards livery, the ultra-low 200sx looks as if it came straight from the Tokyo Auto Salon. 

With over 15 track days in a season, Alex holds the record for the highest tire bills in the team. 

Nissan 200SX S14 (Zenki)


  • Engine

    Nissan SR20DET
    2.2L Spool Stroker Kit
    Engine block modification Darton sleeve
    Garrett charger
    Hypertune intake manifold and manifold
    3-inch custom exhaust system
    Helftec ECU and Wiring Harness
    Motul 20W60 engine oil

  • Suspension

    Silvers Neomax coilover kit
    Front knuckles with Bastards
    steering angle extension
    GKTech control arms on front and rear axle

  • Wheels

    Work VS-XX Anhelo
    17 / 18 Inch in different sizes
    Zestino Wheels, 255/45R17 Acrova07rR

  • Drivetrain

    Gforce Nascar 4Gang-Dogbox
    350z differential and drive shafts
    Famag kardan drive shafts

  • Interieur

    6-point weld-in cage with door bars
    Plex Mirco Display
    Custom Grip Royal steering wheel

  • Exterieur

    OE front bumper with lip and subtle rear bumper
    Origin Labo 70mm Overfenders
    Roof and rear spoiler
    Painted in deep black
    DriftBastards decals

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Alex's Drift Mastery Showcase and Story

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