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Der Styler

Michael Riedweg

and classic

Michael has been a DriftBastard since its founding in 2015 and has always had a big heart for  90s Japanese cars. The man from Entlebuch got to know the Bastards through his Honda at the time. However, when he acquired an MK4 Supra with a single turbo conversion, it was clear that this gentleman was not to be underestimated. How he made the leap into drifting, let's just imagine that Michi, after a few after-work beers, was so inspired that he had to try drifting for himself.

the first drift
Initially, drifting was practiced with a Mazda MX5 (NB) with a turbo conversion. This not-so-easy-to-drift car experienced an exciting time with Michael as a newcomer to the scene. At the end of 2018, an offer came along that probably no car nerd would refuse: a RHD Nissan Silvia 200SX in “mint condition!” The vehicle had been imported from Japan several years ago and had changed owners a few times. The standard SR20 is a rather cost-intensive platform, and for this reason, the easier-to-find CA18 engine in Switzerland was sourced.
The Dream car

The trained electrician rebuilt the PS13 together with the Bastards during the off-season 2019-2020 from the ground up. Renato already knew the CA18 engine inside out and contributed the sought-after know-how. The 1.8lt. 4-cylinder is not very widespread worldwide and was only available in Europe as an engine option, exactly to Michi's taste. Subtle overfenders, mandatory body kit, and a very unusual paint job complete the classic JDM look. Michi invested a lot of time to build his dream car exactly to his specifications. Many details were installed, making the Silvia an absolute neck-breaker. 

Drifts & Team spirit

Anneau du Rhin, Pusey, Jura Sud, and many other racetracks have significantly shaped Michael's driving style to this day. With his Pit Viper sunglasses on his nose and a beer in hand, he likes to cook for the team in the evening and is always the last one to be found at any decent paddock party.

Style is mine

Michi pilots an absolute drift classic today, which can be found at every upscale event.

True to the motto "without style, it's only half as cool?!", he is a genuine drifter and an indispensable part of the team.!

Nissan 200SX (PS13) Onevia


  • Engine

    Nissan CA18 4-Zylinder
    1.8L displacement, 400hp
    Spool forged pistons and connecting rods
    ACL Lager
    260 Tomei Poncam camshafts, adjustable cam gears
    verstellbare Nockenwellenräder
    Garrett G25/550 turbocharger
    Tial 45mm wastegate, HKS BOV
    Sinoco exhaust manifold
    800cc Deatschwerks fuel injectors and fuel pump
    Electrical wiring by Wiringspecialitys
    Link ECU, and Link Dash Display
    Engine tuning by Helftec Engineering
    Motul 300V 10W60 Engineoil
    brake fluid, and coolant

  • Suspension

    Silvers Neomax coilover kit
    Front axle, Bastards knuckles for increased steering angle
    Rear axle with 7Twnty control arms/links
    OE brakes with EDC brake discs and pads

  • Drivetrain

    Original 5-speed gearbox
    Original differential
    350z drive shafts
    ATC flywheel and clutch

  • Interieur

    6-point weld-in cage with doorbars
    Bride Zeta III Drivers seat
    LowMax Passanger seat
    Grip-Royal Custom Steering Wheel

  • Exterieur

    JDM Bodyshop front and rear bumpers
    side skirts
    BybaKits hood
    Front fenders with 50mm overfenders in the rear
    Origin Labo roof and rear spoiler
    Deep black paint in Bastards Drift
    Livery with custom roof painting

  • Wheels

    A diverse mix of the finest from Work Wheels, Work Rezax, Anhelo, Equip05, VS-XX, and VS-MX Dimensions 9.0x17 front, 10.5x17 rear and 18” Tires: 235/40R17 Zestino Acrova07R

About Me

From the start to current day. Enjoy high performance drifts with the special extra portion of style. 🔥

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We take you to the Racing Track! If you want to take a seat beside us in our drift cars, just give us a message and we will find a Timespan!

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