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Discover our range of fan merchandise. Choose from various designs and sizes.


We manufacture specially designed motorsport and vehicle parts ourselves to support the drift scene.


Our stickers are high-quality, durable, and a real eye-catcher. Whether for the rear window, bodywork, or toolbox, we've got you covered!


Want to experience drifting? Take a seat in the passenger seat and let us sling you around the racetrack.

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Support us by purchasing custom-made items, various motorsport articles, or show your support by wearing our Swiss-made fan merchandise! 🇨🇭

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Our products are of the highest Swiss quality and limited.
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Do you want to drift with me?

We take you to the Racing Track! If you want to take a seat beside us in our drift cars, just give us a message and we will find a Timespan!


Discover our exclusive merchandise collection
Stylish clothing, high-quality stickers, and special motorsport parts – directly from the DriftBastards!
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