TWINGO CUP – 4Season Cup

A breakthrough in motorsport.

The past weekend marked an exciting milestone in the world of motorsport with the successful test event of the TWINGO 4 SEASON CUPAn event that not only pushes the boundaries of physics but also heralds a new era for enthusiastic race drivers.

The Acceleration

The Drift Bastards, known for their passion and ambition to take on new challenges, were faced with the task of finding a new motorsport discipline that is both financially accessible and technically enticing. The solution? A cost-effective vehicle that could revolutionize entry into the world of racing.

The birth of the Twingo 4 Season Cup

Instead of settling for conventional rallies, track days, or hill climbs where a Corsa, Ford KA, or Twingo would struggle to keep up, the Drift Bastards decided to create their own unique event format. With the support of Driftcustoms Lucerne, not only was a perfect race track found, but also a set of regulations was established, laying the groundwork for the Twingo 4 Season Cup.

The Testevent

On March 19th, 20 brave racers gathered with a total of 11 Twingos at the Circuit de l’Auxoise Sud to make history. The Twingos, mostly known as robust and straightforward vehicles, surprised everyone with their performance—except for a minor incident with the clutch of the Twingo "Franzl".

The Races

The participants experienced four thrilling races, each lasting 15 minutes. The innovative idea of reversing the starting order during the races added extra excitement and action on the track. Despite simple and cost-effective modifications, the Twingos provided a driving experience that exceeded all expectations.


The successful execution of the test event is just the beginning. The search for a new track for the first public track day of the Twingo 4 Season Cup is already underway. This event not only represents the sporting spirit and innovation of the Drift Bastards but also heralds a new era in motorsport where passion and creativity pave the way for exciting new formats.

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