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SUPERMOTO🇨🇭 SUPERMOTO🇨🇭 Swissgymkhana🇨🇭 Swissgymkhana🇨🇭 DRIFT-Series 🇩🇪

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Ein Wahres Talent

Renato Müller
and drift racing

In the early days of his motorsport career, he made waves in the Supermoto scene on two wheels. Over several years in the SAM and FMS series, he achieved various victories and trophies with his Yamaha. He started with an 80cc and then worked his way up to the 250cc premier class.

After many successes, a new challenge was needed.


Drifting, a sport that requires a great deal of technical skill, has appealed the most to the enthusiastic motorcycle racer.

His beloved daily car provided the perfect platform to start drifting. The cherished Nissan was gradually converted into a race car.

is better

Before the founding of the DriftBastards, he was driving his Nissan S13 with the factory-installed 1.8lt CA18 engine. When he reached the limit of the small four-cylinder with 350 horsepower, he needed something bigger.

Renato quickly bought a wrecked Corvette to get one of the popular LS6 V8 engines. This torque monster was promptly installed in the retro slingshot.

The 5.7-liter engines now envelop the grandstands in thick clouds of smoke during the minutes-long burnout. Überbreite 18-Zöllern an der Hinterachse machen sein Rennauto zu einer echten Waffe.

Drift initiaton at 215 km/h

As a founding father of the Driftbastards, Renato contributed the name and logo. In 2018, he designed the first team livery and united the five Bastards.

He holds the unofficial track record at the Hockenheimring for the fastest drift initiation with a speed of 214 km/h.

As relaxed as he is, he managed to forget a full 20-liter canister of gasoline in his trunk during that action. It seems that Renato doesn't easily get flustered!

and co-founder

He also tries to set the best lap times on racetracks with his R33 Skyline or participate in the newly established Twingo Cup.

As if one didn't already have their hands full with motorsport, he is happily married today and has become a father.

Nissan 180SX S13

  • Engine

    Chevy LS6 Small-Block
    5.7lt., 480ps / 600Nm
    Compcams camshaft (MagicStick)
    valve springs and rockers
    Custom-made headers
    Holley Performance wiring harness, ECU
    Custom-built in-tank fuel pump unit
    Motul 20W60

  • Suspension

    Silvers Neomax coilover kit
    GKtech Lenker
    Achsschenkel an Vorder- und Hinterachse

  • Wheels

    Work VS-XX
    17 / 18 Inch in different sizes
    Zestino Wheels, 255/45R17 / 265/40R18 Acrova07rR

  • Drivetrain

    350z gearbox differential
    Famag driveshaft

  • Interieur

    6-point weld-in cage
    Sandtler bucket seats
    Track-Tech Flyoff handbrake

  • Exterieur

    KBD Bodykit front and rear bumpers and
    side skirts
    Various carbon/Kevlar body parts by Track-Tech

About Me

The fascination for speed, drifts, and adrenaline 💨

Do you want to drift with me?

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